How many Zeros?

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Here we provide you with an app which can determine the number of occurrences of zero in a text string or number.

In addition, we have a custom search engine so that you can find out how many 0’s there are in lots of numerals ranging from hundreds to billions, and beyond.

As opposed to the value of zero, zeros are used in positional notation numeral systems such as the base-ten (decimal) positional numeral system.

To use our app simply insert your number or string; our tool comes up with the result instantaneously.



In the next part of this article we review the FAQs related to the topic.

How many 0s?

The frequently asked questions in the context of how many 0s? include, for example:

How many zeros in a million?

How many 0s in a million? Answer: One million has 6 zeros:
1 million = 1,000,000

How many zeros in a billion?

How many 0s in a billion? Answer: One billion has 9 zeros in short numeric scale:
1 billion = 1,000,000,000

How many zeros in a trillion?

How many 0s in a trillion? Answer: One trillion has 12 zeros in short scale notation:
1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

How many zeros in a lakh?

How many 0s in a lakh? Answer: One lakh has 5 zeros:
1 lakh = 1,00,000

How many zeros in a crore?

How many 0s in a crore? Answer: One crore has 7 zeros:
1 crore = 10,000,000

How many 0s are There?

As a word of caution: These days, in English, numbers are denoted in short scale.

However, for other languages you are advised to check out the reference section at the bottom, because getting, for instance, billion to million wrong, makes quite a difference.

Ahead is our custom search, some facts and figures about 0, and the summary of our content.

How many Zeros in a Given Number?

You can find out about the numbers of zeros in lots of numerals and numbers by filling in this search form which is also placed in the sidebar throughout this site.

Visitors coming to this site often enter the following terms in the search engine of their preference:

By the way: Instead of the numeral zero, among other terms such as null, it’s common to come across nought in the United Kingdom and naught in the United States.

In addition, nil, none and many informal and slang words are used to denote nothing. The figure 0, is sometimes replaced by a capital letter O, such as in spelling telephone number.

Here a few facts about zero:

  • 0 is an integer
  • 0 succeeds the whole number -1
  • 0 precedes the natural number 1
  • 0 is an even number
  • 0 is neither negative nor positive

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